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It’s easy to get cheap work done…

But is it cost effective, a good use of your time? Can you write about what it is that you do, find or take pictures, get the look and feel that will appeal to your target market, as well as deal with all those niggly technical issues that come up. If you’re into doing everything yourself, great!

Most people aren’t nor do they have the time. They just want design & development that works and promotes their business or their passion (or both like us!). We do this and we do it well. We make sure all the elements are cohesive and the whole communicates. There’s no point having an amazing design if it doesn’t sell your brand, your services, your products or promote business, right?

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We do great work for a good price...

The same goes for your printed material. Yes you can order a business card from a template from an online company and it’s really cheap. Your money will go to an overseas company, your cards and brochures could look very similar to other people in your area or industry. If you want any individuality, you’ll be charged for every single little thing. These are the pitfalls, while it may cheap the amount of time and energy needed to get the result you want isn’t an efficient use of your time or budget. We don’t aim to be the cheapest, after all good work takes time! We are competitively priced, we always track our costs and times, so we can tell you exactly what your money is paying for. We believe in giving our clients value for money and great results!

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LexiPhi does everything from the ground up…

From meeting with you to discuss your design requirements, we can work from detailed design briefs or develop the brief with you specifically for your target audience and your needs. We can do full branding development with style guides, or just a freshen up of your old look. We can develop your website or landing page, put together a whole suite of printed collateral from signage to catalogues, cards to brochures, electronic direct mail to landing pages, sourcing and art directing photography, editing and copywriting… everything you could need for what you do.

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More than expected and we’ll stick around too!

Don’t have time to organise printers or chase up your hosting company or previous designer? That’s ok, we’re project managers who are used to liaising with everybody from creatives to suppliers and we’ll co-ordinate and get everything sorted for you. By deadline, that’s a given. Best of all, once you’re with LexiPhi you’re with us for life.We won’t just do your work then dump you never to contact you again. We’ll be here for you, in the background checking in with you from time to time to see how you’re going. We also provide website and email hosting (after being asked by our clients) so we can take care of all that for you as well. LexiPhi has been around for years and we’re not planning on going anywhere or doing anything else because we love what we do!