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Charlesworth Walsh Dance Studios

Charlesworth Walsh Dance Studios

Miss Monique and Miss Roslyn from Charlesworth Walsh contacted us for a redesign and update on their dance centres website. They had been pioneers in having a website for dance schools when they launched their website in 2008. After doing a marketing course they felt their website should be redesigned to do more for their business.
We had to track down the previous website designer who had the domain registered in their name and secure it under the clients name, which required serious online detective work but persistence paid off and the domain name is back with it’s legal owners.

We designed the look and feel in a layered photoshop file the clients specifications and produced a detailed website plan as there was a lot in the site. The client wanted some of the pages to be members only, and also wanted to be able to produce a newsletter which meant being able to collect email addresses. LexiPhi briefed the clients in-house photographer to get images for the site as well as finding and using images from the Charlesworth Walsh archives. We worked very closely with Miss Roslyn to write the copy for the site and choose the right images for each page. This meant almost weekly visits of feverish writing & editing fuelled by many cups of tea, toasties and lemon slices! Once the website was launched, there were some in-house training sessions to teach the client how to drive their website, and also set up their computer to download and read their emails automatically.

LexiPhi continues to support with ongoing marketing and website troubleshooting, and is now hosting the website and email.

About the website

The Charlesworth Walsh website was custom built by our developer from a layered photoshop file. The content was written in close collaboration with the client, photography was provided by the client’s in-house photographer or royalty free photos sourced by LexiPhi.

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