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RobeJohn are a relationship marketing agency specialising in the charity and not-for-profile sector. I had done a number of contracts with them in a the past as a freelancer so we knew each other well. They contacted me when they wanted a new website. One of their art directors had painstakingly put together a design of how they wanted the website to look, and a meeting determined how they wanted the website to function. They also had an extremely tight deadline as the new website had already been announced in the industry press!

We set to work immediately working from a multi-layered PSD file provided by the art director. There were issues with the hosting of the old website being out of date and unable to support mySQL, so I had to find new suitable hosting for RobeJohn, set up all their email accounts and backups. My developer and I provided them with a fully functional website based on wordpress, with a custom built theme. There were animations and links through, as well as a slider on the home page. I also attended the offices in St Kilda and gave the staff training on how to use the website. This was all achieved in a timeframe of 11 days, including changing of hosting, troubleshooting and training. It was a super-short deadline but we made it!

About the website

The RobeJohn was developed from a layered photoshop file provided by the client, brief written by LexiPhi, close collaboration with client’s art director and the programmer contracted for development.