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Stereolove | DJ James Fraser

Stereolove | DJ James Fraser

Stereolove is the recording arm of DJ James Fraser’s business. Stereolove was designed by Lexiphi from the ground up, starting with a layered photoshop file then converted to a wordpress theme by our developer. The logotype was selected to reflect the dance/club genre of Stereolove’s music, the photography and images chosen and retouched as need to reflect the area that the music can be heard in.

The website was designed to the clients very stringent specifications and incorporates neat drop down menus that don’t interfere with the content, social media buttons / feeds, a calendar showing availability and club dates, as well as showing categories and a search function. The galleries contain original images from clubs and events that the client has been involved in, and a blog section promoting not just his own work but other artists as well as interviews with other professionals in the music industry and news and events.

After the initial development, the client requested additional functionality – specifically the ability to upload tracks for people to listen to, video clips and also to sell MP3s and CDs from the website. The client also received training in how to use the CMS along with comprehensive SEO, and as he updates regularly it keeps the content fresh and always engaging. LexiPhi continues to assist with maintenance and any issues that may crop up and also assist with promotional requirements on an as needed basis.

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About the website

The Stereolove website was custom built by our developer from a concept designed in photoshop by LexiPhi to the clients specifications. The images and copy were provided by the client.

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