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Toya Heatley Nature Photograper

Toya Heatley, nature photographer

Toya is located in Wellington, New Zealand. She contacted me as she wanted to set up a dedicated website for her nature photography. Toya is a very talented photography from New Zealand who has known me for a number of years on a personal level. She currently works as a design professional and photographer, but wasn’t experienced with the content management system I specialise in. She contacted me when she wanted to set up her personal nature photography site.

We set her site up together over a couple of days, I gave her intensive training and support over the phone while we worked on the site together. Because Toya already knew how to set up html websites, it was a matter of helping her tackle the learning curve of a new way of doing things. We’re both very happy with our collaboration and plan to do more work together in the future. Most importantly of all, the website showcases Toya’s phenomenal photography, which is the result of many days of sitting in hides and behind barriers with long lenses stalking birds and other fauna waiting for the perfect shot!

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About the website

The Toya Heatley Nature Photographer website was built using a theme specifically developed to showcase photography, with a pop-out animated side menu, galleries with lightboxes that popped up and the ability to change the each pages background with different photographic images.