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We were trying to set up a small business, letting a unit in our back garden, as holiday accommodation bed & breakfast. Getting the unit ready was no problem, but finding the customers was, as we had no idea how and where to advertise. Everyone told us you needed a website but we had no ideas how to go about getting one and unsure where to begin. Asking around we spoke to a few website people and Gina seemed to be the easiest person to talk to. We met up and explained what we were planning to do and that the only thing we had so far was a name – Bloomingdales Bed & Breakfast.

Gina suggested working on one thing at a time and started with the logo and branding. This seemed to be a good idea as it gave us something straight forward to focus on, after a few ideas from Gina and us we decided on the logo. We like our branding as people have said it suites our unit, clean bright and in a garden setting. After that things just progressed along, we followed the same process with the business cards and flyers. Gina would do the work and give us the variations to choose which one we wanted. The website just progress along the same lines, we’d tell Gina what we wanted to achieve, gave her what we had and she created a very attractive functional website that sells not only our bed & breakfast, but also the area it’s located in and the attractions for visitors.

Gina also helped us with our marketing and advised us to register with and as this is the way most people book accommodation now and we have been able to use the ideas and copy from our website to set up profiles on these sites. She also set up a Google+ business page for us which comes up when potential customers search for accommodation in the area.

We have started off better than we thought we would and are very happy with our progress so far. We are letting the unit and getting an income, which we wanted to do before we put any more money into the venture. If you are a potential client and not sure which way to go, the only way is to sit down with Gina and have a chat. We are very pleased with the results of working with LexiPhi.