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My name is Karen Brooks, and I am Director of Sara Douglass Enterprises, a writing company that manages not only the literary estate of the incredibly popular author and historian, Sara Douglass, but also my own writing projects, from novels to newspaper columns and much in-between.

I first used the services of LexiPhi a few years ago when, after Sara died, and I spent over two years trying to rehabilitate her failed websites. This was despite using the services of a remarkable lawyer and various IT professionals – both in Australia and overseas. I’d was just beginning to accept that Sara’s websites and blogs were lost forever when I found, through a strange twist of fate, LexiPhi and Gina. Not only did Gina work closely with me to revamp Sara’s websites and blogs, but we were able to restore the ones I decided to keep in ways I hadn’t even imagined.

Working together, we redeveloped them to reflect a new (and for fans and myself, very painful) situation with, I believe, sensitivity as well as paying homage to a magnificent writer while allowing her readers to continue to interact with Sara’s works and learn more about her life and the worlds she invented.

While I had some doubts we’d be able to accomplish everything I wished, not only did LexiPhi assuage these swiftly, but through some very fine and very professional work, exceeded my high expectations. The confidence I had in LexiPhi’s abilities (ones that became very apparent very quickly) meant my own grew as LexiPhi both set goals and met them – and well within set timeframes.

Furthermore, LexiPhi has developed websites that I can manage and, when I do strike a problem (which is rare), they always resolve it and swiftly. I am able to interact with, add and change material when I wish, an innovation that was previously denied to me in the websites’ old incarnations – before they disappeared – as well as feel secure knowing I can turn to LexiPhi should I wish to improve them further.

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of LexiPhi. Gina has always been beyond professional, warm and sincerely interested in doing the best job possible for me as her client. The respect she’s shown my wishes, the advice she’s given when asked, have also been gratefully received.

Having worked with a range of website developers for many years, I can say with confidence, that Gina and LexiPhi rank among the best and I can highly recommend them to anyone.