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I was referred to by a friend whom I trust and that prompted me to make contact. I needed a website urgently, and needed a designer who would be happy to work with an artist with very specific yet abstract ideas about the end product. Gina at LexiPhi fitted in perfectly!

I just knew that I would possibly need to sit with the prospective designer for a very long time to shape the project according to my needs and not many designers are very lenient with their time. Gina, though very professional gives the client enough time and shows patience in dealing with questions, changes etc.

The branding and the website is exactly like what i imagined. My studio (online) looks more professional and ‘grown up’. I have not printed any material yet but will possibly in the near future.

LexiPhi works primarily on one project at a time and therefore you will get more attention and time than any of the bigger design studios around. Please go ahead, you will not regret it.